Wasp Control Melbourne

Wasp Control Melbourne

Pest infestation is always bad news for homeowners. Your child or your pet stung by an insect is not desirable news. Among those nasty pests in your house is a wasp. Wasps can swiftly fly around your house. Getting stung by a wasp is a painful experience and can cause allergic reactions in some people. If your house is infested by wasps, it is relatively difficult to get rid of them as these are dangerous and rapid at their movements and this makes them hard to handle. Wasps are not the insects to handle on your own and you should hire a trained professional to inspect and perform wasp control.

You need not worry. T47 Pest Control always has your back!

We provide commercial wasp control specialized techniques suitable according to wasp species and ensure efficient wasp control and removal. There are few types of wasps which are commonly seen in and around our surrounding.

Paper Wasps:

These wasps will not sting until and unless they don’t feel danger around them. They prefer to make nests near buildings and closer to the ground. They make their nests from a paper-like substance. They are brownish with tiny yellow marks.

Yellow Jackets: 

They can consume other insects as well as human beings and are found everywhere in the world. They can sting quite a several times.

Mud Nesting Wasps:

These feed on the fluid of insects and nectar of plants. They are usually orange and black or white and black.

Tree Brown Paper Wasps:

These wasps usually nest inside hollow trees or on the sides of buildings. They have a yellow body with black or brown markings.   

These species are commonly found in neighbourhoods.

Wasp Nests:

Wasps live in nests. The most common nests made by wasps are:

Ground Nests:

These nests are made by ground-digging. These are commonly found in and around residential buildings.ype to en

Mud Daubers:

Wasps living in these nests do not sting. As reflected by their names, these nests are made by mud. These are non-aggressive but it’s still necessary to perform complete pest control if these wasps are found.

Paper Nests:

These are the most commonly found nearby houses or residential buildings in Melbourne.


How to prevent wasps:

Wasps can be quite destructive and it is important to take necessary preventive measures. You can get rid of the wasps which are visible but it is not nearly possible to destroy the whole nest by using home remedies. The best way is to get done complete wasp control and to get rid of hazardous aftereffects. You can also bring a few lifestyle changes to be wasps free.

Some of these lifestyle changes for wasp control:

  • Keep doors and windows shut if you are doubtful of pest infestation.
  • Keep the lid on your dustbins and keep them at a distance from your home windows.
  • If you have found a nest nearby, make sure to keep your loved ones and your pets away from the infested area.

How to treat a sting:

Even after taking all these preventive measures, if you or your loved one is stung by a wasp, please don’t panic. You should scrape the surface area of your skin by credit card. The next step should be to clean with soap and water. You can also treat the stinger with an ice pack to reduce the swelling. Another way to treat is to apply a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. If the problem persists, it is advisable to see the doctor. 

However, complete pest control should be performed to keep you and your loved ones safe and stress-free. We at T47 Pest Control expertise in pro pest control and have a special team for complete wasp control which ensures efficient control and removal. 

Wasp Control:

Wasp control in Melbourne is a tricky thing to do on your own. Wasps are dangerous creatures. They feel threatened easily and might attack you or your loved ones. It is advisable to hire a trained professional to inspect and perform commercial pest control. T47 Pest Control is the best option if you are looking for complete wasp control in Melbourne.

Few top pest control services provided by us are:

Why choose us?

  • At T47 Pest Control, we identify the species of the wasps and then use removal techniques accordingly.
  • We take care that our chemicals and techniques we use are safe for your family, your loved ones, and your pets.
  • We also provide aftercare so that you are well equipped for your safety in the future.
  • After the service, one of our trained professionals often pays a visit to ensure that your place is wasp free.
  • We provide same-day pest control in Melbourne for wasps and clear any infection within 35-40 minutes of reaching your place.


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