Rodent Control Melbourne

Rodent Control Melbourne

If Rodents are not your pets, it is certain that these are intruders in your house.

Wherever they are, no matter if it’s a business place or your home or any food processing unit, they are sure to create trouble for you. These are some of the most uncatchable and unavoidable pests that are troublesome to stay with. These carry very harmful diseases like Dermatitis, Infectious Jaundice, etc. Thus, it becomes highly important to keep such pests at a thousand-mile distance away. They can cause huge business losses and can turn the business reputation down. Rodents are very quirky pests and catching them becomes highly important.

They are food cravers and can inhabit anywhere if the place offers them huge food, grains, water, and shelter. They are snugly adaptable to a new food if certain food source runs out. If you have already tried all your home tactics to deal with them and exhausted yourself.  Then it’s time to get professional help!

T47 Pest Control offers Complete Rodent Control Melbourne services that are highly professional and done by the experienced and reliable hands. We focus to weed out the rats and mice from the deepest core of your premises. Therefore, we are all time dedicated to ensuring Pro Pest Control, providing the best services to you. We have more than 100 branches in the country offering Best Pest control in Australia.


  • Food, Water, and Shelter are the rudimentary causes of their presence.
  • Dirt and debris are common harbors of rodents in the house as well as at commercial places.
  • Open windows, doors, torn and broke-open areas are home to rats. 
  • Unsealed food items and other exposed eatables pull them to your premises. 
  • Drainage Systems also provide an underneath way to the rodents to enter into the house.
  • Food processing units like grain mills, sugarcane factories are most vulnerable to rodent infestation.
  • These are nasty and filthy pests that carry harmful diseases with them. Suppose your child eating a food item that is gnawed by a rat! 
  • Roof Voids, Utility closets, Basements, garages, holes, cracks, and gaps are very common shelters of rodents.


Services Offered:

Rodent Inspection: We start out with carrying the complete premise inspection. 

Professional Treatment: We have highly qualified and trained professionals who are experts in weeding the rodents out from the place of origin.

Trapping:  Various kinds of trappers are used to trap rats and mice. Most commonly glue trappers are considered the first choice as the rodents get easily stuck with the traps and can be slain easily.

Sanitisation & Exclusion: The whole area is aptly sanitized and disinfected, ensuring complete hygiene in the environment.

Rodenticides: Powerful pesticides are used that are highly effective and of high-grade quality.


Our Working Way:

  • We start with the  Inspection of the complete premises. 
  • After which the whole premise is Sanitized properly.
  • Baits are used to attract the rodents to trap them into trapper.
  • Glue Traps are highly used.
  • Sprays, dust, insect growth regulators, Pyrethrum gas, gels, and pesticides are the products that are very effective for Rodent Control Melbourne. 
  • Physical Barriers are highly used to avert rodents’ entry inside the building or house. For which Caps and Caging are used widely.
  • Commercial Rodent Control is provided at economical prices.


Why Choose Us?

  • Eco - friendly treatments are conducted.
  • 100% guaranteed results.
  • We have licensed and certified technicians.
  • We are just one call away!
  • Use highly advanced products and machines.
  • We carry out complete pest control Melbourne services in different parts of Australia.
  • We have more than 100 branches carrying Commercial Pest Control on different premises.

Few top pest control services provided by us are:

Reasons to keep the rodents away:

  1. They are infectious and spread sickness.
  2. Munch on cereals, fruits, grains, and other nutritious food items. 
  3. They are attracted to high-protein foods like nuts, fish, earthworms, weeds, etc. 
  4. They highly contaminate the areas with their feces, hair, and urine. 
  5. They highly inhabit other pests into the house or working place like lice, fleas, ticks, and mites and also by leaving the food droppings everywhere.
  6. They can cause harmful diseases like  Typhus, Pulmonary Fever, Salmonella, Dermatitis, Infectious Jaundice, etc.
  7. They cause huge loss to the business by gnawing through wires and causing fires.
  8. They are troublesome and disturbance creators in the workplace.
  9. They are dreadful to our health, and physical well-being.  
  10. Pregnant ladies could experience miscarriages, stillbirth, or other health complications for the baby.
  11. The agriculture sector suffers the most as rodents eat away all the grains and cause huge losses to the farmers.
  12. They damage everything from books, structures, furniture, and even electrical appliances through burrowing and gnawing.
  13. If they die at any place, it can make breathing difficult due to the foul odor that comes out of their body.
  14. Make disturbing noises at the workplace.

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