Having a residential pest control is very necessary. You may never know when and how can these wee creatures become a cause of trouble to you. Pests like flies, mosquitos, bed bugs, spiders can be very commonly found in every house. But letting them enjoy their comfort zones is not a good choice. They don’t seem to be harmful because of their small size but their small bodies have a constant flow of deadly diseases and harmful infections. A small bite can be mind-boggling and it may serve you a long list of expensive medical treatments.

Thus keeping the house pests free is very essential. Otherwise, they can become the cause of harmful diseases and skin infections to you. The professional team helps to eradicate all the pests related problems from the house, gardens, yards, wherever pests gang up.

T47 Pest Control offers highly professionalized services to its customers. We are very empathetic in understanding our customers’ point of view, and therefore we highly cater to the needs in a personalized and customized manner. We offer Complete Residential Pest Control Adelaide services to our customers all over Australia.

Causes of their occurrence:

  • Air-exposed food items pull pests into your house. 
  • Sewage and drains provide the way to pests to enter your residence.
  • Mites, fleas, and lice from the pests like rodents, birds can crawl on your body too!
  • Centipedes find their homes in sinks, tubes, etc.
  • Flies get attracted to sweet items, juicy fruits, and other food items.
  • It is very easy to find beetles and ants in your gardens.
  • Mosquitos make their way into homes from the open windows, flaps, open doors, etc.
  • If you haven’t arranged your wardrobe for a long time, it is very obvious that when you will rearrange it, you will definitely find silverfishes chumbling your expensive clothes.
  • Spiders can be easily seen at the wall corners, or at the dark and doomy places.
  • If you are fond of beautiful flowers blossoming in your garden or on the balcony, you will surely find beetles and bees on them.
  • Moist areas are better nurtures of tapeworms and centipedes.

Reasons for keeping them away:

  • Pests are very filthy insects living in dirty areas. 
  • Harmful to health.
  • Carry viruses and bacterias.
  • Not good for hygiene at home or at industries and factory premises.
  • Choose scum to inhabit. 
  • Wander in the filthiest areas like in sewages, drains, etc.
  • Infections are likely to occur in kids very quickly.
  • Spiders’ venom causes dreadful reactions like stinging sensation, red mark, swelling, etc.
  • Droppings of birds contain parasites and transferable diseases like encephalitis and salmonella.
  • Rats highly contaminate the areas with their feces, hair, and urine. 
  • Bed bugs are bloodsuckers! 
  • Centipedes are the nastiest insects with several long legs, their nip can be very infectious and painful.

Services Offered:

Scrutinize: We will investigate and check out the whole premises completely.

Shield: We will protect the premises by applying all the effective and highly graded products, materials, machines, and equipment.

Secure: We focus to fortify and solve all the issues related to pests in the house.

Surveillance: We keep watch by installing pest monitors at specific places like kitchens, bathrooms, garages, etc.

Follow up: We continue to stay in touch and make regular visits.


Things that distinguish us?

  • Our work starts with consultations, it is really important to first discuss the issues that people are facing and where do they mostly see the pests inhabiting. 
  • After which we carry out a complete inspection of the infected areas and check out for their habitats.
  • Experts then continue to sanitize the house.
  • Specialists will check out the factors causing an invitation to pests,  handle current infestations, and halt their life cycle to avert any future invasion.
  • Health and Hygiene of the people is the topmost priority.
  • No harm is caused to the environment, people, or pets.
  • Due diligence is paid to the safety of the property.
  • Pesticides, sprays used are, in no way harmful to physical well-being. 

Few top pest control services provided by us are:

Why choose us?

  • Use advanced technology.
  • Appointments at a time convenient to you.
  • 24*7 service
  • Professional services. 
  • Follow up services at any point of time.
  • Offer Complete Residential Pest Control Adelaide services.
  • 20+years of experience.
  • Highly experienced and dedicated team.
  • Reasonable and  Best Residential Pest Control Australia
  • Pests Free Guarantee
  • Have more than 6000 happy customers.
  • Get high-quality service at a very reasonable and competitive price.
  • We provide highly standardized services.
  • Cater to the customized needs of the people.
  • 100% effective results.
  • We are just one call away!
  • We provide Best Pest Control in Australia.
  • 100% Customer satisfaction
  • Free consultations.
  • Interest-free payments. 

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