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Mosquito Control Melbourne




Mosquitos are the most annoying pests, they are very difficult to control. There are around 27000 different species of mosquitos all over the world. They can transmit many harmful and severe diseases like malaria, encephalitis, dengue, yellow fever, and much more. Thus keeping them out of your contact is very significant.

If you have failed in your attempts to control them, then it’s time to get professional aid. HTG is the most renowned name in Mosquitoes Control in Melbourne. We have been providing our services for the past 20 years. We offer Complete PestControl Melbourne services at immensely affordable prices.

Causes of their occurrence:

The Basic source of mosquitos is the still/standing water. The female mosquitoes lay eggs in the stagnant water, old tires, clogged drains, and other moist and water-filled areas. 

The eggs hatch the larvae in just 48 hours. Water, as their basic lifeline gives the larvae the best environment to grow and breathe by coming to its surface.

Thus, it just takes 10 days for larvae to form into adult mosquitos and when they transform, they rest for a while on the water surface and then take their flight into our houses through open windows and doors. 

Another attraction to them is certain perfumes, deodorants, soaps, and other fragrances. 

They can be easily found under decks, planters, shrubs, under hanging plants, groundcovers, etc. These are a beautiful shelter to these little menaces.

Other common places where they can be found are ponds, lakes, brackish swamps, ditches, salt marshes, tree pots, puddles, etc.

Reasons to keep them away:

A threat to human health: Mosquitos are a big threat to human health, they can transmit dreadful diseases and sicknesses like dengue, yellow fever, encephalitis, etc.

Painful Bite: Their bite results in a stinging effect and causes severe pain and itching on the body.

Workplace troubles: If you have mosquitos at your workplace, it can be highly annoying for the people or employees working in your office. They already have a huge workload and on the above of that, a load of mosquitos biting them on upper arms and feet adds irritation not only to their behaviours but to their work too.

Infestations: They can spread their population in very little time. The larvae just take 10 days to transform into an adult mosquito. Moreover, the female mosquito can lay many eggs at a time. 

Buzzing: The high-pitched humming sound is disturbing at a working place.

Easy hatching: Eggs can easily hatch in just 2 days.

Animals: Some mosquitoes like Aedes bite animals and not humans. If you have pets in your house, they can be a cause of trouble to them as  Aedes are persistent biters.

Different species: Another category of mosquito named Culex is highly prone to transfer sleeping sickness and diseases like encephalitis.  

Anopheles is the mosquitos species that is the sole transmitter of Malaria to humans. Thus, you may never know which kind of mosquito is humming around you. Be alert and take all safety precautions to keep them away.

Services Offered: 

We are empathic in our services. Our working style is contrasting, due to the quality of better and experienced staff. We are the Best Pest Control Melbourne providers. Our services include:

  • Larvicides proliferation.
  • Organic Mosquito Control Melbourne.
  • Destroying Habitats.
  • Covering open water areas and drains.
  • Offering Complete Mosquito Control Melbourne services.
  • Pro Pest Control services.
  • Commercial Pest Control Services.
  • Residential services.

How do we do it?

Discussion:  A detailed discussion with the customers is our first step because they are the direct sufferers and know the time, place, and areas where mosquitoes usually accumulate and bite.

Inspection: It helps to know the sources of their occurrence,  the places they hide,  causes of their infestation, the stage of their development, and the number of larvae that are infested by mosquitos.

Chemical treatment:  Larvicides and other insecticides are used to eliminate the mosquitos. The most highly used chemical is Pyrethrum. This is considered to be highly natural and organic, being harmless to the environment and people living around.

Using organic pesticides: These are considered to be very effective as the organic sprays and pesticides are not only harmless to the environment but are highly effective in killing the mosquitos quickly, leaving no residue behind. They don’t leave any stains and gunky residue on the fences, decks, etc.

Application at the source: The sprays are directly applied to the infested areas and the places where mosquitoes usually hide and rest.

Treatment at active times: We focus on providing our services at the times when mosquitoes are more active, if they are mostly active during the sunset or the night, we provide our services at those specific times. It brings out effective results and kills much of their infestations.

Few top pest control services provided by us are:

Why choose us?

Same-day services: Our services are just one call away and we will be at your doorsteps in no time!

Environment-friendly treatments: The insecticides and pesticides used are highly natural and organic. It contains  Pyrethrum, which is an organic component and kills the mosquitoes in a few minutes.

Genuine services: Our services are authentic and reliable. We have been serving for the past 20 years and are most favoured.

Updated technology: We use modernized tools and machines for mosquitoes control.

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