Mice Control Melbourne

Mice Control Melbourne

Mice are not a pretty sight in your house. Mice can cause damage to your property as they chew on wood, wallboards, wires, siding, paper materials, etc. They consume all kinds of foods that are found lying around in your kitchen. If you eat food that is contaminated due to a mice bite, you can suffer from a food born disease. You can also catch the disease if you get bitten by a mouse or you are in an environment that is infected by mouse droppings or urine. Although mice are relatively small in size, they tend to cause a huge deal of damage. Mice are supplied with all the necessary substances for their existence in residential areas. Whether you are living in Melbourne or any other area it is extremely difficult to get rid of mice.

Have you spotted the mice in your house? You need not worry! T47 Pest Control has got your back in these circumstances!!

We specialize in commercial mice control in Melbourne which is safe and eco-friendly and 100% effective.

Signs of Mice Infestation:

Chew marks: Mice are a type of rodents and they chew. They chew almost anything and everything. If you find some chew marks near your furniture, wardrobe, or any other material, you instantly need mice control.

Droppings: If you find rat droppings in your cupboards, drawers, behind furniture, or inside wall cavities, rat infestation has already taken place.

Urine Trails: They often leave urine trails as a signal to other mice as their urine is hard to spot without enough lighting. 

Foul odor: If there is a mice infestation, there must be a nasty smell. As infestation increases the smell also increases. A dad mouse also leaves a pesky smell behind. If you get a foul smell it's time for a complete mice control.

Sounds: They try to be secretive even then they make various sounds. They make noise while chewing on many things. 

Unusual behavior of a pet: If you notice your pet sniffling around in some corners, this might be a sign of mouse or mice in your house and it's time you perform mice control.

Rub Marks: Rub marks are greasy marks that are created when a mouse is traveling from one place to another. Specialists consider these marks as evidence while inspection.


Diseases spread by mice:

  • Ringworms and Tapeworms
  • Rickets Pox
  • Rat-Bite-Fever
  • Meningitis
  • Encephalitis

How to prevent mice?

  • If rodents stop finding food sources in one place, they quickly move to another place where they can get food. Cover your food in containers with lids and eliminate the food source.
  • Keep your house clean. Vacuum regularly, keep cleaning the spills by you or kids, and throw away stale food items. Pests will not be drawn to your house if your house does not attract them with dirt or un-cleanliness.
  • If you any crevice, small gaps, and openings in the walls, eliminate them instantly. Get them closed or repaired as mice love to dwell in these small openings. 
  • Rats can easily enter through the drainage system. Keep your drainage system covered and your toilet seats down. 
  • Make sure that there are no gaps or entry points in your roof as mice can easily climb up the roof and enter your house. 

T47 Pest Control Services for Complete Mice Control:

  • To eradicate mice, it is advised to hire pest control specialists who are efficient as well as considers the safety of you and your loved ones their priority. T47 Pest Control is the company to contact when you doubt a mice infestation and need complete mice control.
  • Once you schedule an appointment, our technicians will reach you in no time and inspect your place and surroundings thoroughly to check for any evidence of pest infestation.
  • After the inspection is done, the bait system is set by our specialist. The bait system is securely placed hence reducing the chance of getting any non-targeted pet poisoned.
  • If the bait system can't be done in a place, traps are set up.
  • If both of these systems are not practically possible which is a rare situation, mouse tracking powder is used.

Few top pest control services provided by us are:

Why go for T47 Pest Control?

  • We at T47 Pest Control, always use methods and chemicals which are safe for your loved ones, especially kids, older people, and pets.
  • Specialized pro pest control in Melbourne.
  • Guaranteed complete pest control.
  • We don't make you wait as we offer same day service availability. We are ready to serve you 24*7 and 12 months in a year.
  • Never miss the follow-up visits after performing pest control.

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