General Pests Melbourne

General Pests Melbourne

The tiny holes, dark corners, dusty and doomy places in our houses or factories or business places, and buildings are the homes to various species, living with us. Oh! these are not aliens but very familiar creatures that reside happily and in huge comfort with us as much as comfort we live in. Do you guess who they are?

They are the common daily- visible pests that are surely not good enough for health and hygiene.

These can be categorized as Flies, Spiders, Crickets, Beetles, Cockroaches, Wasps and bees, centipedes, and many more!

Therefore, T47 Pest Control brings diverse Pest Control Melbourne services at the highest effectiveness all over Australia.

Causes of their occurrence:

  • Food, Water, and Shelter are the basic necessities of rodents and mice which attracts them to the places that have these requirements fulfilled.
  • Dirt and debris are common harbours of rodents in the house as well as at commercial places.
  • Moist places harbour most of the pests like fleas, mites, spiders, lice, etc.
  • Dark places and dusty areas are the places where lizards and spiders mostly inhabit.
  • Dripping water or flowing consistent water attracts many cockroaches into the house or at any commercial place.
  • Cracks and holes in the premises are the home to various insects.
  • Unnecessary clutter like heaps of clothes and furniture are a hidden home to cockroaches. 
  • Areas like basement, walls, and sheds, also nurture much of the pests into the house.
  • Long- term uncleaned spaces and articles also induce web formation by spiders.
  • Shaded soil in yards is also attractive to fleas and their hosts.
  • Wild pests like rodents and rats can harbour fleas, mites, and other small negligible insects.    
  • House roofs, building roofs are the common places where the birds can be seen roosting and nurturing their nests.
  • Drainage and sewage provide a hidden way to centipedes, ants, and cockroaches.


Reasons to Keep them away:

  • Cause noxious diseases.
  • Carry viruses and bacteria.
  • Pests are unhygienic and nasty creatures.
  • Choose scum to inhabit. 
  • Pest wanders in the filthiest areas like in sewages, drains, etc.
  • Kids should be kept at a distance, as they are highly sensitive to infections and germs.  
  • Spiders’ venom causes harmful reactions like stinging sensation, red mark, swelling, etc.
  • Birds’ droppings contain parasites and transferable diseases like encephalitis and salmonella.
  • Rodents highly contaminate the areas with their feces, hair, and urine. 

Services Offered:

Eco-friendly treatments:

We are highly wary when we choose the pesticides to sanitize the premises, whether it is your home, workplace, or any business or factory area. We take care that the environment remains chemical-free and in no way causes any harm to the health of the plant, animals, or people.


We conduct a thorough inspection of the complete premises ensuring no place is left untouched or unnoticed.

Professional Treatment:

We provide a Complete General Pest Control Melbourne services that are highly polished and dexterous.

Post-Pest Control Visits:

We make frequent visits after the complete pest controlling is done and over to know if you don’t face the issues with pests again.

How do we do it?

  • A thorough inspection of the complete premises is carried out which may include house, factory, gardens, farm fields, buildings, or any other infrastructure.
  • We bookmark the main areas where pests usually inhabit. 
  • We check the kinds of pests occupying the space of the premises.
  • According to the type of pests in the building or premises, the products, chemicals, insecticides, sprays, granules, traps are chosen to ensure effective extermination of the pests altogether.
  • Sophisticated machines, tools, equipment are installed properly in every area wherever necessary.
  • The people are asked to switch the place for a few hours so that the extermination process can be done without any harm to the health of the individuals.
  • Highly effective and top-rated products are used that easily and efficiently kills all the pests in a few minutes.
  • Traps are used for rodents as it becomes really easy to catch them with the use of different traps like glue traps, light traps, adhesive traps, etc.
  • Sprays and granules are used to slay insects like fleas, mites, lice, cockroaches, etc.
  • While performing all these activities, our professional experts take care that the products and insecticides used are in no way lethal to the health of the people in the premises.
  • The team makes sure, that no human, or pet is affected.
  • We are committed to providing customized services as per the preferences, needs, and building layout.
  • We have highly expert and experienced professionals doing their jobs for the past 20 years. 

Few top pest control services provided by us are:

Why choose us?

  • Pests  Free Guarantee
  • Certifies Technicians.
  • Environment-friendly products are used.
  • Best rates and Best General Pest Control Australia.
  • Provide Complete Pest Control Melbourne services at affordable prices.
  • Offer same-day service availability.
  • 20+ years of experience in the industry.
  • Highly experienced professional experts.
  • 24*7 emergency services provided.
  • Immediate follow-up services.
  • Have 7000+ happy customers.
  • Offers Commercial Pests Control services at economical rates.

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