End Of Lease Pest Control

End Of Lease Pest Control

The end of lease pest control is the service that is offered to the people who are living as tenants. As per the leasing agreement, the people residing in the house are required to leave the property at the end of the lease period. But while the property is evacuated, it is also essential as per the agreement that, it should be pests free. 

While entering into the agreement, if the owner had given the property pest-free, so when you leave or handover the property back to the owner, it is important that there are no pests in the premises. If you have pets, then it becomes really mandatory to have an end of lease pest control before you depart the property.

The end of lease pest control is required just before, you move out from the leased property, this is done to ensure that the home or the premises on lease is pests free.

Whether it is a  residential premises or a business working unit, before you handover the leased property to the owner, make sure that the building or the house is a complete pest - free. In many rental agreements, it is stipulated that before the lessee leaves the property, she/he should get an end of lease pest control done to make sure that there are no pests inside the property.

This is very important because this not only creates trouble for the new tenants but also for the owner of the property. It leads to a high cost of house maintenance and pest control. Moreover, there are chances that no new tenant might accord with the owner to stay in the premises. Therefore, it is considered highly important to have an end of lease pest control before leaving the property.

So what you need at last is a professional inspection by experts who could carry a thorough inspection of the leased property and will weed out all the pests hidden or accumulated in the dark corners.

T47 Pest Control is the best professional service in Melbourne, offering the most reliable and affordable services accompanied by easy payments and discounts.

We have been working for more than 20 years in this field and have eminent trained professionals having deep knowledge and skills of the pests.

We offer Complete End Of Lease Control Melbourne services all over Melbourne. 

Causes of their occurrence:

There are various causes of pests making their space in the leased property, these may include the following:

  • Having pets in your property brings much and more of the pests into it. Pets like dogs, cats, hare, etc which may harbour fleas, lice, and mites.
  • Wild pests like rodents and rats are attracted basically to food, water, and shelter. Thus, if you have a big food factory at lease, you can be sure of having rodents making homes therein.
  • Moist places and soil nurture pests like spiders, mosquitos, and centipedes.
  • Trees, old wooden blocks and plant waste provides space to ants and termites’  colony.  
  • Debris and dirty stuff are a beautiful habitat for cockroaches and spiders.

Services offered:

We offer all the kinds of pest control services to our customers with utmost dedication and loyalty. We provide Complete Pest Control Melbourne services which include the following:

  • Commercial Pest Control services 
  • Pro Pest control 
  • Flea pest control
  • Rodent pest control
  • Cockroach pest control
  • Mosquito pest control
  • Bed bug pest control
  • Commercial End Of Lease Control services.

All the services are covered by us and the same are carried before the end of the lease contract. The services can be altered as per your needs, and budget. We can provide a complete bundle of all these services and can also provide a set offering, any of the services of your choice. This makes us the most flexible and Best Pest Control Melbourne service provider.

Few top pest control services provided by us are:

How do we do it?

We have a big team of specialized people offering services for the past 20 years. Our services  include:

Heating treatment: The complete property is sprayed with a high-temperature gas, this gas is very strong and scorching that it forces the pests to come out of their hidden places and areas.

Insecticides and sprays: Insecticides that are completely natural and organic, are used for pests control. The complete place is sprayed with eco-friendly chemicals and pesticides once the property is evacuated.

Inspection: The property is completely inspected and infested areas are treated accordingly.

Why choose us?

  • We are a leading name in Melbourne due to the reasons down below:
  • Authentic services: Our services are qualitative and genuine. We prefer to fulfil all the needs of the customers within the accumulated budget.
  • Meeting expectations: We always walk the talk. Our services are very reliable and authentic, we end up our work with full customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced equipment: The machines, tools, cleaning gadgets are all modernized and renovative. 

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