Ant Control Melbourne

Ant Control Melbourne

Ants are tiny little creatures that create nothing but trouble. If you find one ant, there is a chance you will find hundreds of them. If an ant infestation is taking place, you need to be quick in taking action. Ants don’t always cause instant hurt, but their effects can be troublesome over time. It’s also simply irritating and disturbing to see a long trail of ants roaming around your kitchen or bathroom all the time. Ants love protein-based foods or sugary foods. If they successfully find a food source at your place, they will leave a trail so other ants can follow them.

Have you spotted ants? Don’t you worry! T47 Pest Control has got your covered!


We provide commercial ant control in Melbourne which is safe and successful in the long term. You can hire best-trained professionals as the team is known for eradicating all kinds of ants.

You have an ant infestation if:

  • If you find ants marching to and fro carrying food.
  • If you are continuously finding ants pathways.
  • Though ant nests are difficult to spot, if you see a small heap of soil or dirt, in the walls of your home, you definitely have an ant infestation and you need to hurry and take an action in order to do ant control.

What attracts ants to your house?

Moisture:  Ants love moisture whether it is present in a leaking bathroom or the kitchen basin.

Sugary Substances:  Ants adore desserts and other sugary dishes. You should clean any sugary item spill as soon as you find one.

Grease:  Some ants will come to a long distance for fatty foods, like butter, milky foods, etc. All the grease should be cleaned up in your house with alcohol to fully eliminate its residues.

Rubbish Bins: A dustbin is a vacation for ants. They have all you can eat buffet and enjoy all kinds of foods like salty, greasy, sugary, etc. You should lock all your bins carefully to keep ants at bay.

Gaps and openings: If you find crevices on your walls or small gaps openings, do not overlook them, make sure to close or repair them instantly. As ants are really tiny creatures, they can crawl up the smallest of openings.

Plants and trees as bridges: They use these as bridges as the safest way to enter your house.

How to prevent an ant infestation?

Complete ant control is not an easy thing to do. Here are some preventive measures you need to take to keep your house ants free.

  • The first thing is to take notice that ants do not get access to food at your place. You need to make sure that none of the food containers are left open.
  • Clean all the food spills immediately by you or your little ones.
  • Repair or close all the small cracks or openings in your house. As these are one of the best ways for them to enter.
  • Always clean your hands and ensure that your kid’s hands are cleaned too.
  • Ensure that are rubbish bins are properly closed.
  • Sweeping goes a long way. It is a hygienic habit and ensures that your house is clean at all times.
  • Clean your pet’s house and its vessel properly.

T47 Pest Control Services for complete ant control:

Ants can be visibly reduced by using home remedies. But to destroy the nest and make your home completely ant-free, you should be hiring pest control specialists. T47 Pest Control is the best known for its complete pest control service in Melbourne.

  • The first thing our professionals do is to inspect your house whether it’s a residential or a commercial place. They look out for any visible ant trails or pathways and nests.
  • Then our specialists identify the species of ants and select the pest control techniques accordingly.
  • We target to eradicate the nest as that is the best method to eradicate them all at once.
  • We also treat the surfaces with chemical sprays where ants were present earlier.
  • After the service, our professional will schedule a follow up to keep you and your loved ones safe in the future.

Few top pest control services provided by us are:

Why Choose T47 Pest Control:

  • We offer same-day service.
  • Skilled and certified technicians.
  • Our methods are safe for you and your loved ones.
  • 100% effective results.
  • Specialized pro pest control.
  • After the services, follow up visits are always done to keep you well equipped for the future.
  • Guaranteed ant control treatment.
  • Effective and quality commercial pest control service.
  • Ensures client satisfaction.
  • 24*7 services availability.



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