Why do Roach bites? | Pro Pest Control

Why do Roach bites? | Pro Pest Control

Do cockroaches bite humans?

When it comes to biting, we have many insects that bite us like bed bugs, ants, mosquitos, ticks, etc. But what about the cockroaches? Do they also bite humans? The answer is apparent Yes! We think that roaches are just nuisance creators who are the best contaminators of the food, bringing in the most dreadful diseases but we are not aware that they can bite us too!

As harmful as a bed bug bite is, so are the bites by cockroaches. Be careful with the bed bugs too,  if you think who can be the pro pest control, you will always find our services at the best in your vicinity.  


Why do Roach bites?

Roaches bite when there is no food source available to them and their population has grown in excessive amounts which in other words may be called roach infestation. Cockroaches don’t feed on blood, they just bite and are not prone to sucking the blood in any way. 


Parts of Body they bite mostly:

Cockroaches bite some specific areas of the body when they don’t get enough food to eat, these body parts include:

  • Eyelashes.
  • Hands.
  • Feet.
  • Fingernails.
  • Human Skin.

These body areas act as a good source of food for the cockroaches to fulfil their food cravings when no other food source is left.


Nocturnal Nature: 

Cockroaches are nocturnal in nature which means they are active at night and prefer to hide in the sunlight. Thus, they are more prone to bite humans at night when there is no daylight and people are sleeping and resting in their comfort zones.


Consequences of Roach Bites

A cockroach bite can cause severe diseases to a person who suffers the bite. They carry various bacterias, germs, and allergens. From causing mild problems like skin rashes, lesions, swollen skin area, watery eyes, nasal congestion, itchy skin, to coughing, a roach bite may cause lethal diseases like 

  • Typhoid fever.
  • Dysentery.
  • Plague.
  • Listeriosis.
  • Salmonellosis.
  • Cholera.
  • Gastroenteritis.

These diseases are transmitted through saliva, urine, vomit, and faeces of roaches.


Signs of roach bite

Know the symptoms of a cockroach bite before it’s too late.  Here are a few symptoms that you must pay heed to:

  • Big and huge red bump forms on the skin.
  • There are redness and itchiness over the infected area.
  • A cockroach bite is 1-4mm in size.
  • The bite lasts up to a week.
  • Swelling and rashes appear on the bitten area.
  • Over time, maybe in 2-3 days, the bitten area turns into a cluster of red bumps.


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