How long do mice live? | Pest control services

How long do mice live? | Pest control services

Mice are big trouble in every house or building. It damages and leads to huge business losses. From destroying the property, contaminating food, to leading pests infestation in the property, mice create a lot of mess in our daily lives. Besides, having a long life if lived under normal conditions, extends the problem more. T47 Pest control services enable you to get rid of any rodent infestation and prevent further losses to your personal and business wares.


The lifespan of Mouse:

The lifespan of a mouse depends upon the species to which it belongs. The average lifetime is usually 1 and ½ years. There are discrete mouse species, we have provided the averages that show the minimum to the maximum lifespans. Here are a few common mouse species with their details:

  • White-footed mouse- (11-25 months)
  • House mouse (10-13 months)
  • Deer mouse (3- 15 months).


Reason for short life span

Some of the common causes of mouse death are cancer, kidney failure, slow respiration issues, etc. If you face rodent infestation at your property, do avail the pest control services as soon as possible, cause they are highly equipped with professional tools and methods of exterminating the pests out of the house.


How long does a pet mouse live?

A pet mouse tends to live longer as compared to a wild mouse. This is because they get proper attention, food, and care, they get all the facilities as like any human when they are pets, but wild mice have to struggle to find food and shelter and thus they end up being the prey of any other animal or die of kidney failure and anxiety. A pet mouse has 2.3 years of maximum lifespan.

Mouse life cycle

Baby mouse:  A baby mouse is very small in size, it’s blind and pink in colour when born. A  paper sheet’s weight is equal to a baby mouse weight.

Juvenile mouse: A juvenile is a 3 weeks old mouse, it’s capable of finding the food in the surroundings nearby, by this time their ears and eyes are fully grown. 

Adult mouse: An adult mouse is a 7 weeks fully grown mouse. It’s big in size and weight. Moreover, they attain maturity and become reproductive in nature.


What are the ideal conditions for a long lifespan?

The ideal conditions that determine a long lifespan of a mouse are:

  • Good food supply 
  • No competition from the other members of the colony.
  • Gentle climate 
  • Constant Water supply 


Be cognizant! 

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