How do you get bed bugs? | Pest control Richmond

How do you get bed bugs? | Pest control Richmond

There is a popular misconception that the bed bugs get attracted to the house because of scum. They are blood-feeding insects that are not drawn to the filthy things in the house. Their food source is the blood that they get from the human body.


The bed bugs hide and they come out of the bed folds when people are asleep and feeding becomes safer then. No environmental factor affects its survival, they can fit into any environment as long as it has access to the food. Thus, it’s better to have such understanding and knowledge to avoid any sort of bed bugs infestation.T47 Pest control Richmond is the only effective way to eradicate these blood-sucking pests off the house.

Blood - Food source of Bed bugs!

Bed bugs feed on human blood. This is the scariest thing. Their survival depends upon blood, to breed, and to grow and develop their body. Unlike other pests, bed bugs have to hide itself to feed, this is because they neither have any wings nor do they have the nature of living on the host’s body. These hide in the mattresses, and the sheet folds or in the furniture and wait for the night to come when people are asleep. It becomes easy for them to feed at night

Bed bugs are very small in size. They are just the size of a pencil’s tip. Besides, their skin is transparent making it much harder to identify and find them. They remain camouflaged under the bed folds and furniture and become active when the time is right. 

They also use clutter to hide, and so they are mostly found there, which had given birth to a misconstruction that bed bugs come from filth and all the clutter of the house. Rather, they can better be inhabiting the most immaculate places but that doesn’t help them in hiding their presence. 

What’s the source of bed bugs?

Bed bugs share the human’s personal space, they can be found inside the mattress, on the bed covers and folds. It’s supposed that bed bugs are mostly found in motels and hotels, this is because finding their food source becomes much easier with the huge and regular human visits to the same specific place. Bumming a ride is their inherent trait, thus it’s obvious to wonder - where do they come from actually?

Here is the list of the areas or places where bed bugs can be commonly found:

  • Office buildings.
  • Buses, trains.  
  • City Halls.
  • Nursing homes.
  • High schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.
  • Police stations.
  • Libraries
  • Theatres. 
  • Colleges and universities.
  • Workplace

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