Spiders in Australia - A cause of Arachnophobia | Pest Control Northern Beaches

Spiders in Australia - A cause of Arachnophobia | Pest Control Northern Beaches

Spiders are one of the most heinous and the nastiest, creepiest creatures on this planet, their shape, size, body, and their formation is the most horrific amongst all the creatures in the world and as their appearance is, so is the blood in their body. They carry the most deadly venom in their body, once your body gets in contact with it, it causes most extreme allergies and reactions.

So, be wary as much as you can, and avoid any contact with the spiders because not only their contact can cause you many severe skin problems but their nip may cause huge damage to your body. If you reside in Avalon or Balros, don’t forget to avail the best pest control northern beaches services to avoid any sort of spider infestation.

Breeds of Spiders in Australia:

Spiders have a big family, you can find the simplest to the most venomous spiders in Australia, they have diverse species. The 8 most venomous and horrific spiders that can cause you goosebumps are:

Sydney Funnel - Web Spider  

One of the deadliest spiders is a Sydney Funnel-web spider. Their nip is so toxic that it shuts down the nervous system of the body and results in death in just 15 minutes if left untreated. They can be easily found in gardens and bushes. They have strong fangs, that in some cases the spider remains attached to the body until shaken or flicked.   

Redback Spider

The Redback Spider has a red stripe on its body, this mark is notable on the back part of the spider’s body.  They can be found all over Australia, in shrubs, under rocks, sheds, or toilets, they remain in close proximity to human habitation.

Mouse Spider

The mouse spiders are one of the most lethal spiders. They can be found in burrows, bushes, or in suburban areas and back yards. Their venom is similar to funnel-web but doesn’t cause as many fatalities.

Trapdoor Spider

This spider species is not considered to be harmful, they are calm in nature, their bite doesn’t cause much fatalities. They are best known for their cunning strategies to catch their prey.

White-Tailed Spider

The white-tailed spider is usually found in southern and eastern Australia. These spiders are known as white-tailed because they have a white stripe on the back part of their body. They wander at night in search of food and are calm, don’t harm humans.

Black House Spider

The Black House Spider lives indoors. They are known to build the most tangled webs. The nip of this spider is painful with little swelling, other nip effects include sweating and vomiting.

Australian Tarantulas:

These are one of the largest spiders in Australia. Although they have long fangs they are not venomous.

Fiddleback /Recluse Spider

These are one of the deadliest spiders. In many cases, limbs have had to be cut off.


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