Do Termites Fly? | Pest Control North Melbourne

Do Termites Fly? | Pest Control North Melbourne

Most Unknown Facts About Termites

The days are getting very long and also the low temperatures of the winter months

are gradually fading away which implies one point Spring is finally here!

Although spring notes the beginning of the warmer periods there is one thing you need to watch out for Flying Termites!

Yes, they can, yet not all of them. Termites do not fall into the flying insect's classification like wasps as well as to kill mosquitoes as just a tiny set of termites can fly, and just do so for a brief time period before losing their wings.

A termite nest is split right into groups known as castes. Each caste has a certain role in the swarm. The 3 castes of a termite swarm are:

  • Workers
  • Soldiers
  • Alates

From the termite castes, it is only the alates that can fly, being the only ones equipped with wings. These are the only termites that are sexually developed and are the future kings as well as queens of the following period's termite colonies. The flying patterns and also behaviours of termites are known as swarms. Termite flocks mark the start of termite season. They take place yearly throughout a chosen amount of time which differs between each species and also each country, with seasonality playing a huge element.


Why do termites always swarm?

Termites swarm to reproduce and also start new nests and are the beginning of the termite life process. Throughout this period the sexually established man and female winged termites leave their nests as well as take flight. This is often described as nuptial flight and is likewise typical as well as practised by various other insects such as ants.


Soon after leaving their nest, the winged termites will congregate in the air (throngs) and also companion with termites of the same varieties from other swarms. After they have efficiently mated the termites will land, lose their wings and start the process of creating a new nest.


What does a flying termite look like? Do termites fly?

Flying termites vary in look from various other flying bugs as well as can be recognized by examining them closely.

Flying termites appear in a series of colours relying on the species. Usually, flying termites show up in the exact same beige/tan colour as the various other termite castes. They have 2 antennae which are commonly straight with a mild curve and have two sets of wings which are equivalent in length as well as are white and also translucent in colour with a veiny look.

All Termites, in general, can be defined by the shape of the body. Both wingless termites, as well as flying termites, have a thick body made up of one component. Termites do not have a contraction between their abdomen and also thorax area. 


Getting rid of flying termites

Flying termites compose just a tiny percentage, the most effective method to do away with flying termites is to eliminate termites generally.

Removing termites from your building will certainly not just deal with flying termites but in doing so will certainly decrease and restrict the spread, as well as the possibility for future termite swarms in your area. Whenever you see things are getting worse search for T47 pest control North Melbourne


Removal of Termites

To permanently remove termites from your residence or business it is extremely recommended to get the aid of professional pest control Pakenham. Termites are both challenging to find and also eradicate. Typically DIY efforts cause a termite invasion returning to a home.

Employing the help of a termite pest control expert will aid make sure a termite problem, together with flying termites, killing mosquitoes is handled efficiently.

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