How to Clean Roach Droppings? Looking for Pest control near me

How to Clean Roach Droppings? Looking for Pest control near me

Cockroaches create so much mess in the house. They contaminate the food, spread diseases, and may bite when they can’t find any food source. T47 Pest control near me - the early you find, the early you could stop the roaches to infest in your house.


How does cockroach poop look like?

A cockroach faeces is intense brown in colour. The size of the faeces depends upon the type and the size of the roach. The faeces size of the small cockroaches is just similar to coffee that looks like rust stains.

Whereas the faeces size of the bigger roaches is huge. It may be as big as a rice grain with rounded ends and the ridges across it. The main aspect is that a roach poop is sticky and thus it imprints on the tiles and walls. 

Don’t confuse it with the mouse poop!

A bigger roach’s poop is a bit similar to a mouse’s poop. There is a slight difference between both. A mouse’s poop has sharp ends while a roach’s poop has rounded ends. Although the poop of both are of the same size but are differed with this factor. Besides, a mouse’s poop doesn’t have ridges while a roach poop has it across the ends. Also, a mouse’s poop is a bit larger and thicker than the roach’s poop. For a better glimpse, you can use a magnifying glass too. 

How to Clean Roach Droppings?

Once you have roach infestation at your property, pest control near me is the first thing you should search before you choose to do any other business. Because once they have infested, it will be very difficult for you to remove them, and their faeces are most diseases causing that can affect yours and the family’s health.

Here are some of the protective steps you can take to keep the health of the family on the safe side:

Wear the health armours 

While cleaning the poop, wearing face masks and gloves for protection against the air-born allergens are the best protective tools you can use. This will prevent direct exposure to noxious disease-causing droppings.


Vacuum the areas where you are sure to find loose faeces of cockroaches. Such areas may include kitchen tiles, slabs, walls, refrigerators, cabinets, etc. This is one of the basic cleaning methods to maintain house property poop and disease-free.


Once you have completed the vacuuming process, make sure you clean the place well with a cotton cloth daily. This will help to remove all the dust allergens and pollens that provide space for spiders to grow their webs.

Shoo away the cockroaches and protect your health!

When you are completely exhausted with trying the different techniques to weed the roaches out of the house, and then you end up picking your laptop exploring the best pest control near me, we will be always at the top of the list, as we provide the most effective and genuine services to our customers at highly affordable prices.

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