Rat vs Mouse- Is it the same or different? |Pest control companies near me

Rat vs Mouse- Is it the same or different? |Pest control companies near me

The words we use to signify rodents are usually - rat, mouse, mice, right? And you might think that all the terms mean the same! But have you ever worked to know that all the terms don’t mean the same thing? Yes! You will be shocked to know that a rat is different from a mouse and it’s really difficult to recognize and distinguish if it’s a rat or a mouse scurrying all over in your kitchen and house. Rats and mice are one of the two varieties of the rodent family. 

These are a great nuisance at food processing or industrial units, they damage the property, and contaminate the freshly cooked food. Make sure you google ‘pest control companies near me’ as early as possible so that before they go on to create more losses for the business, you better have professional pest control help by your side to take care of your business needs!


Differences are here: 

A rat is entirely different from a mouse. The main things that distinguish them are - 

  • Ears.
  • Tail.
  • Snout. 
  • Droppings.
  • Length.
  • Weight.
  • Living habits.
  • Eating habits.


Rat vs Mouse

  • Ears- A rat has small ears whereas a mouse has big, large round floppy ears.
  • Tail- The mouse has a long, thin, hairy tail, and the rat has a long, scaly, and hairless tail.   
  • Snout- A mouse has a triangular snout with long whiskers, whereas a rat has a more blunt snout.
  • Droppings- A mouse produces 40- 100 pointed droppings per day. A rat produces 20- 50 droppings per day.
  • Length- Mice are 12-20 cm in length, and rats grow up to 40 cm in size.
  • Living habits- Mouse build their nests in burrows. Building a high nest is the innate habitual cycle of rats. Brown rats from their nests near to the ground.
  • Weight- Mice weigh 12- 30 gm, and rats carry 25- 40 gms of weight.
  • Eating Habits- Mouse can survive on 3ml of water per day and eat 3gm of food per day including all the veg, non-veg, and daily cereals. Rats survive on 15-60ml water and eat 15-30g of food per day.

Thus, these are the major differences that will help you to distinguish if it’s a rat or a mouse in your house or business premises.

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