The purpose of removing any kind of pest from your house, office, or garage is to keep you and the people around you safe and healthy. Pest control is necessary because different pests are the cause of different diseases. You can put your and your loved one’s health at risk if you ignore pest control. Commercial pest control provides complete protection from harmful insects, wasps, cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, etc. that can cause health issues and damages to property.

Some of the common pest infestations are cockroaches, mice, ant, bedbugs, termites, wasps, spiders, etc. 

Pests are experts at hiding in places you would never think of. A trained professional would know where to look for infestation and would specialize in suggesting and performing specific pest control technique for a particular species. Home remedies can remove the pests visibly but cannot eradicate them, which increases the probability of possible damage. T47 Pest Control is best known for its efficient and effective pest control and removal.

T47 Pest Control uses treatments and chemicals to eliminate pests that are completely safe for your family members, old people, and your pets and are applied by highly trained and professionals. At the same time, we also use non-chemical treatments when possible.  


After performing a specific pest control service, we schedule follow-up visits to ensure that pests are eliminated and you and your loved ones are safe and well equipped for your future.  We also provide you with all the safety measures required to keep your house pest-free.


Yes, we are specialists in effective pest control and removal in any commercial place. Commercial pest removal is different and our professionals are trained and they perform accordingly. You can count on us for the best commercial pest control.

We have same-day service available and ready to serve you 24*7, 12 months a year. We identify the pest species and use the treatments accordingly. We are the leading company in Melbourne who provides the best pest control service at a reasonable price. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer quick services. We provide 100% effective results and specialize in commercial pest control too. After the service, our trained professionals pay a visit to ensure that your place is pest free. Our chemicals and treatments are safe for you, your family members, and your beloved pets.


Bedbugs do not cause disease like other insects; however, they bite and can interrupt your sleep which consequently puts you at the risk of psychological and physiological discomfort. Bedbugs usually attack when a person is sleeping. A bedbug victim may find tiny bite marks after waking up. Some people may also exhibit allergic reactions which are hazardous for their overall health. 

You picked them up probably! When you return from a vacation, bedbugs can stick to your shoes, clothes or handbags. They could also enter your house with a piece of second-hand furniture you picked up. Eliminate Bed bugs

The first step is to close the entry points. You need to prevent them to enter your place. Ants are constantly searching for food sources, if you stop providing them food here and there, they will soon leave to find another food source. Repair or close all the tiny crevices or cracks in your place. Prevent your Home from Ants

Yes, we do provide services on weekends.  You can reach us on weekends too, our tea will be happy to serve you and remove all those pesky pests! We provide services 24*7 at T47 Pest Control.

The idea of using home remedies for wasp control is dangerous. Some wasps sting in defence to protect themselves or a member of their colony. These pests give off pheromones, which causes other wasps to react as well. All these reactions are extremely hazardous for you and your family members. It is best to hire a trained professional to perform wasp control. 

At T47 Pest Control, we use appropriate techniques for a particular type of wasps and ensure the complete safety of your family members.

Cleanliness is a must to prevent cockroaches. Always remember to cover your food, if they don’t find any kind of eatables in your home, they will leave. Never leave unwashed dishes in the sink, especially at night. Close all the tiny gaps and openings found in the walls of your house to prevent future infestations. For complete cockroach control, reach the best in town: T47 Pest Control. 


We make your place completely pest free. Our process is as follows:

The first step is to inspect your place to determine the pest infestation and the species of pest. After the inspection, our pest control team chooses the appropriate treatment required. Afterwards, our team applies suitable treatment or the chemical to the infected areas or uses non-chemical treatments such as baiting, etc. The chemicals we use are eco-friendly and safe for your family members and pets. Once the pests are removed, our specialists schedule a follow-up visit to ensure future safety. 


We at T47 Pest Control understand the urgency of an emergency. These pesky pests can attack your home or office any time and we are ready to serve you 24*7. You can call us whenever there is an emergency and we will reach your place within no time. Book us for complete pest removal today!

Reach us at 047-423-4350. Happy to serve you!