Bed Bugs Melbourne- The bloodsuckers! | Bed Bug Exterminator Near Me

Bed Bugs Melbourne- The bloodsuckers! | Bed Bug Exterminator Near Me

Get a pro pest control done at your house before it’s too late! Pests are a big nuisance the smallest they are, the bigger the trouble is! If you think small things are not enough to make a change, try sleeping with bed bugs, you will realize the meaning and importance of the minuscule things in life soon.  If you ever noticed some red marks or weal on your body, then be cautious, these weals on your body may be a nip of bed bug! 

As harmful as a bed bug bite is, so are the bites by cockroaches. Be careful with the bed bugs too,  if you think who can be the best bed bug exterminator near me, you will always find our services at the best in your vicinity.  


Bed Bugs- The bloodsuckers!

Bed bugs are minuscule crawling insects that make their home into beds. An adult bug may be as big as an apple’s pip. They are very hard to detect because of their small size, they can squeeze into the tiniest crevices and cracks. 

The most threatening aspect is that these bugs feed on blood! Yes, they need blood to develop their body into adults. And thus, they mostly feed at night when the host is dozing. An adult bug is usually 6mm long. Their bite creates hard and small swollen weals on the body that create itchiness and inflammation on the skin.


Bed bugs are oval-shaped flat body insects that are sometimes mistaken for fleas, ticks, roaches, etc. An adult is about 3 to 10 inch long, they are brown or red in colour. The immature bed bugs are known as Nymphs that are just like adults but their size is smaller and the colour is much lighter than the adult bugs. They crawl on walls, beds, and furniture but don’t have any wings to fly like fleas.


Symptoms of BedBugs Infestation.

The most common symptoms of the infestation are:

  • When you notice small, red swollen marks on your body which are itchy and inflammatory on your skin, it means that you are bitten by bedbugs.
  • Bed seams folds and bed base are the obvious hiding places of bed bugs.
  • If you also notice some blood stains on the mattress, on the sidelines, or maybe on the furniture, then be sure these are the residue of bugs.
  • Their bites cause immense irritation on the body.
  • If there is bugs infestation, it’s probable to have a musty smell.
  • You can also spot the bed bugs eggs that are white and cream-coloured.
  •  Arms and shoulders are the most targeted areas of the body.
  • Spotting a live bed bug.


Precautions for healthy sleep.

  • Vacuum your linens, mattress every day.
  • Expose your mattress to sunlight twice a week.
  • Avert buying any second-hand mattress or furniture.
  • Get pro pest control done at your property frequently.

Be unbound from the bloody creatures.

Eradicate bugs instantly! Secure your health and of your family. If you have noticed bed bugs in your house and you are dubious about the infestation, then don’t wait for a second, call out a pro pest control service that helps to eradicate these oval flat night wanderers. We at “T47 Pest Control” provide the best bed bugs extermination facilities at the most pocket-friendly prices.

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