How Big Are Termites? | Advanced pest control

How Big Are Termites? | Advanced pest control

The major factors that determine a termite’s size are the age, food, environmental factors, and the species to which a termite belongs. Termites have wide sizes depending on their work and role in the colony. Termites are considered to be the following generations of cockroaches. They feed on wooden articles and render the walls hollow inside out. Advanced pest control is the only way to keep them at bay. 


Termite lays several eggs at a time and the size of the egg is minuscule. The egg once hatched turns into a larva which is still very small in size. One needs a magnifying glass to see a larva even if it has grown with six legs.


Queen and the King Termite

The queen and the king in the termite colony are reproductive in nature. The size of the king and queen grows up to a minimum of 1 inch.  The King and the Queen of the colony can live for about 15 to 25 years.


Diverse species and their traits:

There are different species of termites. These include king, queen, soldiers, and workers. Each species has its own size and formations. Thus, it becomes difficult for people to recognize termites. This is a major mistake, thus it’s essential that you should know whether the pest causing damage to your house is a termite or any different pest.


An adult termite is a bit around ¼ to ⅙ of an inch in size. There are different kinds of adult termites, of which these are the most common ones, and the size of each of these species is specific to its kind.

Subterranean Termite 

Subterranean termites are found all over Australia. They have ⅜ mm length, and they may grow to ¼ mm in size. The kings and queens in these species are of length size -¾ mm. Whereas the soldiers are moderately longer. The queen becomes long in length when its abdomen extends in size due to the formation of eggs. The queen is not visible easily because at such times it remains in the nest. All the measurements stated above exclude the measurement of the wings. The abdomen of the queen may extend up to 2 inches and 1/2mm long. 

Dampwood termite

The Dampwood termite grows up to 1 inch in size and they are twice the size of the subterranean termites.


Drywood Termite Size

The Drywood termites when mature hold a 3/8mm length and they continue to grow as they attain the reproductive ability. Queens are longer than the kings, this is because the queens’ abdomen grows in size due to egg formation.


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